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Cats and Dogs are Better Together

CatDoge is focused on building both culture and community through unprecedented levels of entertainment and engagement. We are more than just a token; this is a celebration of the vibrant meme culture that thrives in the digital world. With a very unique brand of humor, and a passionate personable team, CatDoge aims to brings comedy and joy to the entire crypto community. By bringing everyone together, even those that seem opposite, we can all work together to achieve incredible things!
People aren't in crypto for just laughs and a good time though. In a finance focused industry, people primarily seek profitable opportunities. By simply holding our token, investors earn rewards in Ethereum from the transactional volume of both buys and sells. Passive income to holders in ETH rewards, alongside potential future revenues streams being distributed to holders, creates a strong incentive to buy and HODL (we ourselves being diamondhands).
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